Sentinels - Guardians of the Invictus Spirit

Sentinels - Guardians of the Invictus Spirit

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Our community…our family, has grown from the first Games in London in 2014 with 13 nations and 400 competitors to where we are today:  nearly 10 years on, 10 new nations. 23 countries from across the globe, dedicated to using sport to change lives and save lives.

In the last 10 years, the Invictus Games Foundation's community have inspired and humbled us with their sheer resilience and determination – whether they have been competing at the Games, taking part in an Invictus Endeavour, adventure or challenge, or reaching out to each other through the We Are Invictus community.

We have applauded and celebrated the friends and family who have been so crucial to the recovery journey they are on; and we have been honoured to watch our community grow and to re-connect with renewed purpose and meaning. And, through The IGF Conversation series, we have listened and learned …and will continue to put your needs and challenges on the agenda in support of your recovery pathway.

While there will certainly be much to celebrate on the 10th Anniversary of the Invictus Games Foundation next year, we know that there is still so much more we could and should be doing, to ensure that no one is left behind.

But, as a charity we need your help.

We need your help to protect and perpetuate the Invictus Spirit. And we now invite you to do this by the new and exciting opportunity of becoming A SENTINEL: a guardian of the Invictus Spirit.

By becoming an Invictus Sentinel, you can commit to a monthly donation of whatever amount you can afford for as long as you can afford it.  

YOU will provide the foundations on which we can confidently continue to support WIS recovery through sport, across the globe. YOU will help to create new initiatives that provide more support for families and friends, introduce new programmes that will give the ‘hardest to reach’ every opportunity to walk, and then to run with us, on their recovery journey.

Your support as a Sentinel will help us to continue our mission to change lives and to save lives. 

Will you join us as a Sentinel? ARE YOU IN!?